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Open Brands assisted Danish food organisation Uhrenholt A/S with their corporate brand proposition in 2009-2010. As part of this strategic brand project we also carried out the development and creative design of three global retail food brands: Emborg (a globally sold premium food brand), Friendship (a B2B food brand) and Delight (a new consumer food brand).
The Emborg retail brand was recently awarded with a major accolade, as it was selected as a 'Superbrand' in the United Arab Emirates, where the brand is a major brand.

Great news for the international traveller

For a leading French car-maker company, Open Brands developed a brand new offering within vehicle-leasing for overseas travellers arriving in Europe. This new concept and service, which since its start in June has broken all expectations, to the degree that the brand design is already well embedded within the target segment, according to the first bench-mark research. The brand was launched via digital marketing and social media campaigns in the US and Asia. The concept is being adapted for the European market with European roll-out will take place in 2013.


Open Brands has just finalised a new beer brand for a leading Canadian brewing house, to be launched in the North American market in 2013, and in the latter part of 2013 across Europe, assisted by the local teams, at the Open Brands offices across Europe